THE VATICAN: Behind the scenes of the world's smallest kingdom - 1 x 60 mins

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Vatican City is a country as big as a small town that every year attracts million of visitors from all over the world. In this official documentary the viewer can discover the daily reality of the Vatican and discover how, throughout the centuries, it has managed to find the perfect balance between thousand-year-old traditions and the modern world.

The Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums are presented together with other exceptional images such as the oldest Bible existing in the world ("Codex B"), and scenes of the Vatican's day-to-day life: the printers at work in its printing press, the Internet office's technology, the "back stage" of the official visits, the exquisite precision of the calligraphy of the official parchments. Finally, we are presented with a unique image of the Pope, in his own apartment, having dinner with Bishops.

Products specifications
Category Licencing Catalogue
Manufacturer Centro Televisivo Vaticano
Available languages English
Available languages Español
Available languages Français
Available languages Italiano
Available languages Polski
Video format 4:3
Duration 60’