TU ES PETRUS - THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM from John Paul II to Benedict XVI - 1 x 60 mins

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Tu es Petrus (You are Peter): in order to ensure the Church’s continuity, John Paul II carefully pondered on the conclave of cardinals that would follow his death. His goal was to pass on to Peter’s successor the “Keys of the Kingdom” [Matt 16:19]

April 2, 2005 – 7.37 pm: it was announced to the world that John Paul II had “returned to the House of the Father”. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square to pay tribute to his 27-year pontificate. Following his moving funeral, it was time to think of preparing the Conclave, which would see the papacy pass from John Paul II to his successor Benedict XVI, through a religious ceremony regulated by ancient traditions and new customs.

This historical event is narrated in this extraordinary documentary, thanks to spectacular, previously unseen footage from the Vatican Television Centre, such as the Velatio (covering of the face), the Rogito (placing of documents inside the coffin), the Sigilli (application of seals) and the Loggia della benedizione (arrival at the central balcony) and several moving images that cover the time from the worsening of Pope Wojtyla’s illness at Gemelli Hospital to the joyful announcement of Pope Ratzinger to the world.

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