JOHN PAUL II THE POPE WHO MADE HISTORY - 7 x 60 mins, or 18 x 20 mins

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John Paul II is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant and influential figures not only in Christianity but also in recent history. This unique series in 7 full hours follows his journey step by step, from his childhood in Poland up to his appointment as Pontiff, giving an extraordinary portrait of a Pope who has spiritually guided millions of people, travelled in more than 120 countries, and spread peace all over the world.
The moving final section is dedicated to the last farewell of the faithful in Rome.

1. 1988: The Tenth Anniversary and the Wait.
2. 1989: The Miracle of the Berlin Wall
3. 1990: The Pilgrimage to Freedom
4. 1991: The Year of the Wars
5. 1992: Humanitarian Interference
6. 1993: An Appeal against the Mafia
7. 1994: Towards the Great Jubilee
8. 1995: On the Road Again
9. 1996: Fifty Years of Priesthood
10. 1997: Preaching Forgiveness and Reconciliation
11. 1998: Hope and prayers in Cuba
12. 1999: The Word of Christ: a door to Life
13. 2000: Jubilee 2000 and Sinai’s blowing wind
14. 2001: A Church for the New Millenium
15. 2002: No terrorism, ever again!
16. 2003: For Peace
17. 2004: Near the end of the Pilgrimage
18. 2005: I Offer my Suffering so that God's Will Be Done

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